Timcheh Music Festival: VR Exhibition Loophole

by XOR X Timcheh e.V. : Timcheh Music Festival: VR Exhibition Loophole

This event is part of Timcheh Music Festival 2023

"Loophole" challenges the dominance of automated, profit-driven art and culture in the digital age. This virtual reality exhibition explores digital art's potential to break free from this closed system, drawing inspiration from diverse cosmologies and knowledge systems. Artists from various backgrounds collaborate to create interactive ecosystems that reimagine digital presence and challenge tech giant hegemony, fostering transformative actions. Join us in this thought-provoking exhibition to explore new frontiers in digital art and culture.

If you'd like to explore the exhibition, you can book your individual 10-minute VR session throughout the festival days. 

On Thursday evening (30.11.23, 6 pm), the opening day of the exhibition, we are going to have a hybrid round discussion with artists about their work. The discussion will be in English. It will take place online, but we are going to project it on the wall for the attendees in Cologne. The whole session will be streamed on Twitch. 

To attend the round the discussion on-site and/or book a VR-session to explore the exhibition please register here.